The Business of Blogs

One of the great benefits that come with the internet revolution is the possibility of virtual business and live on. Although the virtual word slogan sounds futuristic, there is nothing unreal about it: make money online is a reality and is available to anyone who decides to take it.

A “blog” (short for weblog) is a website that serves as a journal in which an author addresses the topics of interest. Unlike other media, the blog has a feature that makes it highly attractive: the readers have the ability to immediately express their opinions on published topics, creating a more interactive experience both the reader and the author. The theme of the blogs is diverse and everyone: marketing, technology, literature, business, television, pets, etc..

Where is the business?

The blogging business is in traffic: the more people visit the site, the more attractive it becomes for companies that market products or services to that particular audience. For example, suppose you have a blog on tips for parents. The audience you should read this site consists of all people who are having a baby or just had one. This market is usually in the range of 17 to 35 years old. So: Which companies would be interested in display advertising on your site? Startup, companies offering goods or services for children: diapers, bottles, nurseries, children’s clothes, pediatricians. However, by the age range can be attractive for other companies: young adult clothing, insurance, financial products. Traffic is what gives you the opportunity to sell advertising space. Besides this type of business allows you the flexibility of schedule and the possibility of settling in the city of your choice.

And how much money can I earn with a blog?

This is a difficult question. Here the answer: Darren Rowse is an Australian dedicated himself to the business of blogging. When Darren visualized the potential of blogging in late 2002, he proposed to his wife to cover the cost of the house in which he consolidated his new business. At that time, blogs were almost unknown so she gave him six months. Today Darren is owner and founder of several blogs Problogger
(, a website aimed at people who want to be “bloggers” professionals. It even offers courses on how to monetize a blog and how to earn more than 10,000 dollars a month with him. This is just a sample of the potential this business has.

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