Is your business on social networks?

No longer any novelty talking about the virtues and benefits of social networks. The passage of time has helped us to know them, seize them and use them to complete and able to achieve all kinds of goals. Clearly, many brands and many companies have found them to address new territory and make him to reach audiences and connect with their own consumers.

However, social networks are still an unknown scenario for many companies. Despite the presence and experience at the time, many businesses decided to take the plunge and go for them seriously, many companies and small businesses still remain distant and absent in them.

It is never too late if that is good the saying goes. And so it is . It is curious to continue to proliferate as seminars and training sessions to help these businesses timidly approach the different social platforms. Many of them with the intention of learning to manage in such environments, discover its features and functionalities, and carve a niche for the small claim their rightful place. SMEs and small business owners have realized that, like a decade ago, the email and the web were a necessity, even when many thought they did not need, now social networks become essential they can not ignore or ignored.

Small businesses have stepped forward and want to learn to cope through them. Not lag behind and intend to occupy their space. However, despite this growing somewhat late to interest many of these companies, it is curious to note how certain issues before, many small businesses are responding with a sea of doubts about really important issues. And the most important is perhaps the answer to questions like Why do you want to be on social networks? Why want your business to be present in them?

There are all kinds of different responses that match the needs and objectives of all types of brands and companies. Many have learned that beyond the mere presence, social networks allow not only enhance our visibility, but to change the way we interact and communicate with users, consumers and potential customers. The list of benefits and applications could be immense.

Still, it seems logical that over the unknown, many SMEs and small businesses intend to jump on the bandwagon of social networks by simply following the trend, do not become obsolete, because their competitors do so or other companies do as well, or simply by the fact that social grants appear to be a point of modernity to their business. This draws us a complex picture where social media is fragmented business divisions or leagues that play at different levels. The so, is not at all a negative connotation, but obviously serves to realize that many businesses still have to learn through experience to upgrade.

However, this learning should not only serve for companies to learn to cope successfully in social networks. Beyond all this, small businesses need to analyze and make sense of this journey. Although William Shakespeare will delight us with that mythical phrase “To be or not to be” in this social networking, that of being “to be” is not enough if you do not really know what our goals and objectives.

This urgent need was the reason that led to the social media strategy. But if we are not clear or what we want or where we are going, nothing else is almost meaningless.

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